Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Compilation Out Now!

A documentation of our most anticipated local indipendent musicians and poet collected in one compiled CD-R packed with a nice and decent inlay cover cost you only RM10 + free poster. 12 songs from familiar names such as CRESTFALLEN, SALLY FAERIE, ORANGE, MERKMAID, MARSMAN, RADIO ANTIC, ARCLIC AYLA and lots more.Why bother too much? Come grab one now before its too late.

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A release of this 90's-style-hardcore outfits is now ready for sale, again. Influenced by great bands such as Refused, Abhinanda, Snapcase, and mostly Swedish heroes of fast-tempo new school hardcore. This CD-R serves as a collector's item with a nice homemade cut-and-paste CD cover, contained 3 songs from earlier release (with the same title) plus 2 un-released songs of very raw recording session. A melodic hardcore with lots of rockish touches here and there, the chuga-chuga that remind everyone of the late 90's moshpit slamdances, and how the band survive avoiding metallic imitations. A must for those who still romanticizing 90's vision of the underground hardcore.


Finally, after couple years of going astray and disappearance, they apparently found the path. This girl-fronted group appeared once in the ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Singapore's Fruit Records Comp. and then lost their sight of what's going on with the passions. Well, rise from the demise of the Batu Pahat's indie-rock scene, Sally Faerie brought to you a legacy of dreamy-driven-power-pop, as they classified, to your ears. With nice and sweet melodious vocals, blend with post-punk attitude of riffs and bass lines, complete with rock & roll solos, you'll find them pretty much close to Wheatus meets Ash meets post-Weezer. Also come with a nice homemade cover, totally D.I.Y. 3 songs of radio-friendly tunes plus one instrumental for karaoke, if you want to. Haha.

Also On Sales :

Carbon Fourteen – Too Fast Too Punx (demo) RM5PPD/S$5PPD/U$5PPD

Pontian's punkrocker, sounded like most Fat Wreck bands. 2 songs

Dark Horror – Los Muertos RM15PPD/S$10PPD/U$10PPD

Ampang metalheads, fans of Iron Maiden must dig this. A debut album that will totally blast your heads off. 10 songs with one re-arrange of cover song from Ramones.

Explicit/Fatal Over - Southern Punk Attack Split CD RM10PPD/S$10PPD/U$10PPD

Both are chaos punk, with straight to the face lyrics regarding punk rock morality on alcoholism, anti-zionism, police brutality and so on. Released by RDL Entertainment.

A.B.M.S 696 – Hell, Metal, Drugs, Sex And Beer! RM10PPD/S$10PPD/U$10PPD

Oh, fuckin black metal, man. Satan worshiper? Dig grave! Released also by RDL Entertainment.

Re-Zine 1 RM4PPD/S$2PPD/U$2PPD

A good comic-oriented zine done by a self-proclaimed underground artist (yeah?) from Ampang, the Taman Melur Barrios, as they called it. As usual, got several interviews with the bands (Dewata, Muck, Decibel, Endthrowphy,etc), articles, gig/cd/tape reviews and yeah, cartoons for sure.